Friday, August 31, 2012

Falling Leaves

Just in time for fall!! I just love fall, it is my absolute favorite season. I really wish I lived somewhere where I could really dive into some beautiful leaf piles and see all the colors change, the desert, unfortunately, does not provide that for me. I don't let that hold me back from creating a fall atmosphere in my home, though-apple crisp, fall decorations, and fall wardrobe (even in the heat, I still embrace a fall wardrobe...) I am super excited to add a new pattern for free. This pattern is a first of many things for me to have written: first infinity scarf/cowl pattern, first lacework pattern, and first charted pattern. This infinity scarf/cowl is so versatile and fun to knit. The leafy lace pattern makes it a beautiful fall addition. Available in chart and written form. Measurements: 8 inches wide, 44 inches long (circumference).

I hope you enjoy this pattern and really enjoy fall!!   Download Now


  1. I have used your McKinley springtime pattern to make hats for my girls and many baby gifts. One of my favorite patterns. This is such a beautiful pattern too, can't wait to try it! I'm also wondering if items made from your pattern can be sold?

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